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The Importance of Filing a Police Report after a Car Accident

Filing a Police report is one of the most essential steps to make sure that all the details are documented regarding your accident. It is very important to contact the police officers as soon as possible even if you are experiencing minor injuries. Keep in mind that filing a police report doesn't mean you automatically are making an insurance claim. Filing a claim is a different process that you should complete with the assistance of an experienced Personal Injury lawyer.

Filing an accident report will give you peace of mind by providing proof to your insurance company that your claim is based on reality. So, you don't need to leave the accident scene until the police take a full report. Personal Injury Attorney an official Police report will guarantee security for you if any legal problems should arise as a result of the car accident.

The police may help submit the report to the DMV for you if needed. Some forms of accidents don't require a police report for, ones where the injury was minor even unidentifiable, no injuries were suffered, and everyone associated with the accident scene was properly licensed, fully insured plus well behaved and kind to each other.

Collect all information of the accident scene by Finding witnesses, if possible, and Note down all information, take pictures, or create an audio or video recording with your cell phone of the damages, location, and the other party or witness versions of what happened at the scene, if possible. Give all the information to the police officer that you have collected.

Hire a Personal injury attorney who can help you to file an insurance claim and don't inform anyone about complete information of accident until your attorney allows you. Filing a complete and correct report keeps the claims process smooth and quick, meaning you'll get paid faster on your claim.